Gottfried Langenstein: “We have to offer more interaction to our young audience”
Interview with the vice-president of ARTE

ARTE.tv, the billingual site of ARTE, the French-German culture channel, is one of the most creative and advanced television sites on the Internet. Among the features there are  timeshift (ARTE+7), VoD, interactivity (Webdocs) and UGC (ARTE Creative). Citește mai mult

2012: The Year Ahead
Chris Dziadul

From personal experience, I know that psychics rarely manage to predict the future correctly. However, if they’re genuine rather than charlatans, they can access the spirit world to provide useful insights, along with suggested courses of action, in what are usually difficult times for their clients. Citește mai mult

Piet Bakker, Newspaper Innovation: “get your distribution right”
Free newspapers

Piet Bakker, the Dutch author of Newspaper Innovation, the blog about free newspapers, says the market has taken a huge drop and talks of the current threats, and also of what needs to be done for success. Citește mai mult

The new ways we choose content
Mike Villiers-Stuart

‘Search’ has transformed the way we choose ‘Content’ and there are new opportunities for everyone in that choice process. Citește mai mult

Stéphane Carpentier, the superstar art director of Ringier Worldwide, is leading the digital offensive of the Swiss company. Citește mai mult

Design is important at The Daily, the world’s first newspaper made especially for the iPad, launched in February 2011. After eight years of interactive web projects, Mike Schmidt became an art director at The Daily, and entered a world that, to him, looks more like print. Citește mai mult

A rundown of US drama series about to launch over there – and soon to launch around the world.The television industry is increasingly focused on local production and it is no Citește mai mult

Many years ago I found myself on a train crossing the Peruvian Altiplano. A barren plateau over 3,000 metres above sea level, its only inhabitants appeared to live in small Citește mai mult

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